Thursday, 1 March 2012

Marketing yourself with PhotoBOOKS - via Photoshelter

These days it is quite easy & cheap to produce a photobook, so why not use a photobook to market yourself and your work?? You would be silly not to.

As humans we are textile creatures and having a book to hold onto and flick through evokes more emotions then staring vacantly into a computer screen. A photobook can be kept at your studio so that clients can look through your work. Also it doubles as an example of what the client could potentially take home. E.g. A wedding album could be finished as a photobook.

Bloggers let me know you think of this online guide.
How would you use a photobook to get business?

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  1. I agree that the photo book would work in a wedding or maybe family portraiture market because its pritty and it draws people in! But its something you use once you have them in your workplace to lock them down. Its getting them to your workplace thats the hard part!
    I guess you could make a few and drop them off at variouse hair salons and stuff but it would cost ya!

    Also chech out the apple book. Ersion, i got one printed a while ago and there pritty amazing for the cost...