Thursday, 1 March 2012

Marketing From Experience!

As Business marketing is a massive area to cover, let’s break it down into areas.
And please feel free to say if u disagree or want to add something!

Also check out this site for some interesting statistics on businesses.

Free Marketing!

First of all the key to marketing a new or existing business is to understand that whenever you are in business hours whether you are with current or soon to be customers you are Marketing yourself and your business.

Your presentation (as in the way you dress) the way you talk, the way you present clients or soon to be clients with information whether it be documents in paper or via email.
If you are poorly presented then you are marketing your business as a poorly presented or poorly prepared business.

This can be very easily fixed by doing some of the following (as obvious as it may seem):

1- Dress yourself as you want to be seen, like a no thongs, no gum, no shirts with discriminatory remarks that you might find funny... (Basic code is if you a male stick with a colored shirt, nice pants or jeans and covered shoes, ladies...well that can get tricky as you have a clothing arsenal that far out reaches my imagination....and no amount of research is going to change that...just dress smart!)

2- Create Templates for any information you put together for a client, so that you are able to go back and reuse the templates and also add and refine as you use it more. Also all Facebook, Flicker and so forth accounts are perfect for free advertising however they must be maintained and used correctly for you individual business.

3- Before meeting clients for a job, prepare everything and go over it so that you are ready for any questions they might throw at you, I know it’s impossible to be ready for everything but be prepared for most questions they might ask.

4- The way you walk is simple, walk as if you are doing it as a part time job and you would rather be at the pub and you will have no money for the pub...but walk as if you are successful and you will be successful!
First impressions are important!

Paid Marketing

There are many forms of marketing that you can pay for such as advertising on TV, Bus, Radio, Online, Billboard and so forth. There are more ways of advertising today than there ever has been, but bad advertising can be worse than no advertising, So make sure when you are investing your money into a area of advertising you research that are and what you are trying to get out of that area, no point in advertising your sports photography business to an area where the people that live there have a average age of 70..

Check out the following sites for some further information.

Hope this makes sense and helps.

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